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Dr. Alim ChanDAni


The Founder of Access Mantra, an accessible Resource and Innovation Centre of the Deaf in India. Dr. Alim's greatest passion is to show the Deaf community that "impossible dreams can become possible." 


He obtained his Doctorate in Administration and Supervision in Special Education from Gallaudet University in 2013. Dr. Alim's  dissertation focused on the feasibility of managing Deaf programs in Higher Education institutions in India. His dissertation provided him a base in recognising and understanding the hurdles and hardships in the Deaf community of India. He is currently serving as a member of the National Committee of Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPWD) in New Delhi. 


Prior to forming this new initiative, he has served as an Associate Vice President of Centum-GRO Initiative, a division of a CSR arm - Centum Foundation in New Delhi. Centum-GRO Initiative represented an innovative Skill Training Hub of the Deaf specialising in training on Deaf Empowerment and Leadership - created and led by Deaf Experts.


Dr. Alim has delivered several TEDx talks and has advised governments and NGOs in emerging market across the world on Deaf education and skills training for the Deaf.


To reduce stress, he likes to experiment with creative cooking by mixing flavours and spices from Mexico, Italy, and India. His specialities are homemade jalapeno cream cheese, vegetable fusion biryani, and Indimex tacos.