Bombay Institute of the Deaf and Mute

Hello - I am Dr. Alim.

We are here in Mumbai visiting the first deaf school in Asia and India: The Bombay Institute of the Deaf and Mute. (B. I. D. M. established in 1885)

Had the wonderful opportunity to meet the honorable principal of the school who kindly allowed us to interact with the deaf students.

The students were very eager to know about me. I too was eager to know about their goals and aspirations. Many of them mentioned that they wish pursue higher education and go to college.

I had neon color pencils for all of them. (correcting the sign of gift, I was signing funds ;) )

Filled my heart with joy to see all the deaf students naturally using sign language.

Inspired to see the ‘Deaf- Deaf same’ connection, using our natural language to communicate.

We shall be here again!

#deafeducation #reachhigher