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Dead line extended to 12th October 2019. Estimated salary 18k to 22k (depending on interpreter skills and experience)

Dear all, Pls share - Position Title: Educational (Law) Interpreter cum Communication Supporter

The Educational Interpreter will be required to provide interpreting and other support services to a particular Deaf student – Saudamini Pethe at Institute of Law and Research, Faridabad. Your primary function will be to facilitate communication among the hearing peers as well as the teachers for Saudamini.

You will be expected to be more than just an interpreter such as notetaking, test reading, and participating in any other activities such as moot court, and seminars if required. You will be expected to study materials to increase your interpreting skills at your own free time. You will be expected to commit to this work for at least 2.5 years. You will work closely with Saudamini in order for her to receive a Law degree.

Qualifications 1. The ability to interpret in Indian Sign Language (ISL) the lectures delivered by professors in classroom, either Hindi or English.

2. Good written skills in English and Hindi

3. Certification of B Level or above in ISL preferred

4. Knowledge on Interpreting Ethics (

5. General knowledge of Deaf culture

6. Able to accept feedback for improvement

7. Must be a team player

8. Interests in Education/Social Work/Law Background is preferred

9. Relocate to Delhi NCR or Faridabad as preferred. Responsibilities 1. Interpret for lectures as well as seminars, moot court activity, discussions, questions and answers.

2. Serve as a facilitator and a supporter to Saudamini to be able to receive full access in classroom settings, meetings, tutoring services, etc.

3. Responsible to maintain a notebook/calendar where you will log in your time and hours of work (Monday to Friday) as well as notes for improvement/feedback on interpreting skills. List of new vocabulary words which need for discussion on creating signs with Saudamini. List of questions for Saudamini.

4. Expected to interpret for extracurricular activities or any special events that are of interests to Saudamini.

5. Work cooperatively with Saudamini and provide respect to the surroundings.

6. May be expected to provide support by reviewing study materials with Saudamini.

7. Other responsibilities may be assigned.

Please submit your CV and upload a one-minute video in ISL in google drive about what interests you to become an interpreter, and send to by Wednesday, October 9th. If selected to the first round, you will be expected to do a web-cam interview on Saturday, October 12th. If selected to the second round, you will be expected to attend the classes with me for a day or two for an assessment during the third week of October. This position is expected to start as of November 4th 2019. In case of any questions or concerns, please contact me via email. Thank you!

New Delhi, INDIA

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