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    I received a golden opportunity to be invited to share my insights on Deaf Education to the existing teachers, teacher trainees, and deaf children at four deaf schools in the Northeast - Assam and Meghalaya. Here is the first of the four-part vlog on "Exploration of "One Size Fits All" in Northeast India." #signlanguage4all #changedeafeducationinIndia #deafrolemodels #stoplanguagedeprivation #supportsigninschools #righttosign #ISL4All

    First - Wishing you all a Happy Monsoon from India!

    It has been a long wait for the 2nd Northeast Vlog. (It wasn't because I was hibernating.)

    I can ensure you all that this 2nd Vlog will make you laugh, think, wonder, feel disappointed, and more!

    (if you need a refresher related to Northeast Vlog #1, posted on June 1, 2018)

    If you believe in supporting sign language in Schools for the Deaf in India - we sincerely request you to sign our petition under…

    Look out for Vlog #3 soon (promise it won't be a long wait!)

    #deafeducation #signlanguage4all #changedeafeducationinIndia #deafrolemodels #stoplanguagedeprivation #supportsigninschools #righttosign #ISL4All


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